Boundary Change FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Reyes Elementary School

Will RES be a Pre-K - 5 or Pre-K – 8 school?

RES will be a Pre-K – 5 school.


Is RES designed to add a middle school when we need it?

Yes, the campus is designed to expand to a middle school to accommodate an increase in enrollment in the future.

Does the CISD count students who aren’t going to CISD schools?

Yes, the CISD counts all students who live in the district even if they are enrolled in another public school district.

Will the school district implement a school uniform at RES?

The decision to implement school uniforms at RES will be made in collaboration with the school principal and RES families.

Will the decision on uniforms be determined before school starts?

Yes. If RES implements a school uniform, we will give parents plenty of time to purchase the necessary uniforms for their children.

Is the school district concerned with losing middle school students because RES will not be a Pre-K – 8 school?

No. We believe the state-of-the-art RES campus and the excellent academic programs at all our schools will keep Canutillo students in Canutillo Schools.

When will the school district know how many classes will be at RES?

We will determine how many individual classes will be needed at RES by the end of April.

Where will registration be for RES students?

Registration is tentatively scheduled to take place at Jose Damian Elementary School.


Will RES have the same curriculum programs as other CISD schools?

All programs at existing elementary schools will be available at RES based upon the needs of the campus.


Will RES have special education programs?

Yes, special education resources will be available at RES based on the needs of the RES student population and the needs of the district.


What are the requirements to qualify for Title I funding?

For the school district to qualify for Title I federal funding for free meals and reduced-cost lunch, a school must have at least 40 percent of its student population designated as economically disadvantaged.



How will the school district determine which teachers will be transferred to RES?

Based on the student enrollment at RES and the needs of the student population, we will determine which teachers will be transferred to RES.


Will the school district hire new teachers for RES?

We will determine how many new teachers to hire after we first transfer current teachers to RES.


Is the school district asking for teachers to volunteer for RES first?

Yes, teachers at affected campuses will have the opportunity to volunteer first.


Will the school district give teachers an incentive to go to RES?

No, it’s not district practice to give incentives to district employees based upon reassignments.


When will the RES principal be selected?

The RES principal will be selected by the Board of Trustees at the February regular board meeting.


Middle Schools

How will the boundary changes affect middle schools?

Our current plan is to grandfather current middle school students at their current school


Where will Borderland students go for middle school?

Current middle school students from the Borderland neighborhood will be grandfathered at Canutillo Middle School.


Into which middle school will RES feed?

RES students will feed into Alderete Middle School.


Attendance & Transfers

Can I keep my child at Jose Damian Elementary?

Pre-registration will take place in May. All transfer requests will be considered at that time. Upon approval of transfer requests, transportation will be the responsibility of the student’s family.


Do all three scenarios include students from Borderland attending RES?

Yes, each current scenarios has students from Borderland attending RES.


For how long will school transfers be honored?

All transfers must be reviewed and renewed annually.


Do parents have to re-apply for a school transfer every year?

Yes, all transfers will be reviewed and renewed annually.


Will any students be moved from Garcia Elementary School to Childress Elementary School?

We do not anticipate any students moving from GES to BCE.


If my student is already a transfer student, do I have to apply to go back to her designated school?

For school year 2015-2016, all transfers will have to be reviewed and renewed.


Will the boundary change scenarios be presented to PTOs?

Yes, the boundary changes will be presented at the request of each school’s PTO.


Does the school district allow students from New Mexico to attend CISD schools?

Canutillo ISD is not in the practice of receiving students from New Mexico unless they are the dependent of a district employee who resides in New Mexico.


Who will make the final decision on boundaries?

The CISD Board of Trustees will make the final decision at February’s regular board meeting.


Who will be transferred to Jose Damian Elementary?

This will depend on which scenario is approved by the board of trustees.


If the school district receives too many transfer requests, will some requests be turned down?

Yes. Our goal is to accommodate anticipated growth at targeted schools and maximize facilities and resources.

Will CISD taxpayers have the chance to help with the boundary change decision?

Yes, CISD taxpayers have had the opportunity to help with this decision they voted to pass the 2011 bond issue that allowed CISD to build RES, when they voted for their school board trustees, and by attending several community meetings held throughout the district. They also have the opportunity to contribute their input through participation in the Canutillo Bond Accountability Committee, which is composed of Canutillo residents to help monitor the bond projects, such as the building of RES.


Are these changes meant to qualify for more government programs, such as free lunch?

Yes. The boundary changes help us meet five major goals: anticipating growth; keeping neighborhoods together; federal funding implications based on student demographics; alleviating overcrowding at target schools; maximizing facilities.


Will the CISD keep its open-enrollment policy?

Our priority is to meet the needs of the Canutillo community first then the needs of other Texas students and families. Based upon this, the CISD has no plans of changing the open-enrollment policy at this time.


Is there a target classroom size?

Under Texas education guidelines, K – 4 classrooms will have a student-teacher ratio of 22-to-1; Pre-K and 5th Grade classes are allowed to have a student-teacher ratio of up to 30-to-1.


Will CISD build another middle school?

With Alderete Middle School at 52-percent capacity and Canutillo Middle School at 54-percent capacity, we currently do not have a need to build another middle school.

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